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Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Written by Lizzie Neal for Sydney Camille Events 

"I’m so stressed out!”

“I am so ready for this day to just be over!”

I can’t tell you the number of times that I have heard these words come out from a couple's mouths. Ironically enough, they are usually from a couple who initially decided not to hire a wedding planne because they wanted to. Even more ironically though, is that they say that while meeting with me… a wedding planner.

Let me tell you, it breaks my little planner heart to hear that the stress and anxiety they have experienced while planning their special day has pushed them to the point of wanting their wedding to be over.

Your wedding is supposed to be the biggest and most exciting time of your life. The last thing you should want is for it to come and go like any other day. As a wedding planner, not only is it my job, but it is also my passion to make your wedding day the best, most memorable day, which is what sparked the idea for this post.

If weddings were simple to plan & execute, planners would not be an essential part of the wedding process. You can fill your Pinterest boards with ideas, buy all the bridal magazines, and watch all the David Tutera that you want. Trust me when I tell you that these things, although all are great resources, are not going to plan your wedding. So, we can cut to the chase now and I can tell you exactly why hiring a wedding planner is just as important as finding the perfect venue. One provides the place for your vision, and the other executes it. Because really, what is the point of all those Pinterest boards if you really aren’t sure where to begin to bring those ideas to life for your wedding?

Which brings us to why we’re all here…the top 5 reasons you should hire a wedding planner


1. We have built rapport with vendors

Established wedding planners work with different vendors all the time, sometimes even weekly, and many we build close friendships with. We refer to our favorite vendors as “friendors”. There are so many steps that go into finding the vendors that best meet your needs and your vision, you’re going to want someone to take care of the nitty gritty. The extensive researching, setting meetings, reviewing contracts, and comparing prices to your budget, just for starters. The relationships that we build not only save you time but can also save you money. Vendors, specifically those in the hospitality industry, rely on referrals and sometimes that means discounts to gain new clients. Who doesn’t love a good discount?

2. We’re professionals

Have you ever heard the phrase “leave it to the professionals”? This is a perfect time to heed that advice. We love what we do and we’re good at it. Most of us have done this hundreds of times, so I can promise you that there isn’t much we haven’t seen. There’s really nothing that surprises us so you can rest assured knowing that we use our experiences from past events to make adjustments needed for events in the future. It’s important to keep in mind that not only is this our job, but we actually enjoy what we do. Wedding planning isn’t a job for everyone, we thrive off executing the perfect event. Tiny details make us happy, we’re oddly obsessed with spreadsheets, know how to stick to a timeline and can make changes in a pinch. We’re well versed in wedding budgets, and we understand how important this day is to you and your family. You wouldn’t ask a car mechanic to fix the A.C. in your house, right? Or call a random stranger off the street to fix a leaky faucet. You rely on experts to help you through every other situation that life throws your way, so why wouldn’t you do the same while planning one of the most memorable days of your life?

3. Hiring us allows for your family & friends to enjoy the day

I’m going to break some hearts with this next statement, but it must be said: Your mom/sister/great aunt/ best friend is not a substitution for hiring a wedding planner. Sorry, Aunt Polly, we all know you have the best intentions.

The minute you get engaged and post that obligatory “I said YES!!” picture on social media, everyone and their mother becomes a planner. Suddenly, the “OMG! Let me know if you need help planning! I planned a brunch for 10 people one time!” or the “Congratulations! I’ve always wanted to try my hand at wedding planning!” comments flood in. While they’re nice gestures, why would you want someone’s first planning experience to be for your wedding? When a couple sends out invites to their wedding, they’re inviting the people that are most important to them to witness them commit their love to one another. Their role is to be a guest at the wedding and to help celebrate your love, the last thing they should have to deal with is a timeline snafu or a crying bridesmaid... and even if they say that they want to, they don’t. trust me.  

So, leave the planning matters to your planner and let your family and friends be your guests!

4. We are problem solvers

You may not know it, but things go wrong at weddings, no matter how well planned out every detail is, it’s just how it goes. Whether it’s a small issue like a missing bow tie or set of suspenders, or something quite bigger like a vendor not showing up, there’s always something. But like I said, you may not know it because we keep any fires behind the scenes.  Wedding planners come equipped with a problem-solving mentality, and a can-do attitude. And in the end, having a wedding planner there to deal with these issues rather than you having to, is a game changer. 

5. You deserve to relax on your wedding day

It’s not often that you get to take time to yourself and only worry about you. Your wedding day is that day! You deserve to relax and soak in every ounce of happiness around you. The last thing you want to be doing is dealing with vendor arrivals and set up, or having to worry about final payments, tips, and how to fold a napkin. Answering 1700 questions about tiny details that any normal person would overlook, should be at the bottom of your list of things to do on this momentous occasion. The only thing you need to be worried about is remembering to smile when you walk down the aisle, (and we’ll remind you to do that too!)

If you’ve been on the fence about whether you should hire a planner, I hope that I have been able to provide some clarity for you in reading this. I am passionate about helping plan, create, and execute a flawless event. I truly care about the couples that I work with, and I know how important your wedding day is. My team and I are always eager and ready to listen to your ideas and bring your wedding vision to life.